Development Coach Assessment

The Development Coach Assessment

The development coach assessment course is for candidates who have completed all the training pre-requisites for the award and are ready to be assessed with a view to gaining qualified coach status. The assessment is a practical assessment takes place across 1/2 a day where the candidate is observed in the delivery of two 45 minute coaching sessions. The first session takes place with at least 2 of your long term clients and the second with the clients of another assessing candidate coach:

Cost – TBC

Course Dates: To be arranged directly

Before you can book your space on an assessment course all candidates need to have attained the following:

  • Have attended Development Coach Training
  • Completed a period of consolidation
  • Completed a coaching log-book (online “D-log”)
  • Prepared a series of progressive lesson plans & coaching case studies
  • Completed the home paper

Assessment Overview

•Practical assessment – a session with your own clients
•A second session with different/new clients
•Practical assessment of coaching as well as briefing another coach
Time Assessment Phase
Pre-Practical Assessment four weeks prior Submission of Coaching Log-book, Session Planning evidence and written paper
Practical Assessment 15 mins Assessor Introduction and preliminaries
45 mins Practical Coaching Observation with long term climbers
15 mins Feedback and Q & A
30 mins Candidates briefing and swap teams
45 mins Practical Coaching Observation with new climbers
30 mins Feedback and results

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