Coaching Award Schemes

The Mountain Training Coaching Award Scheme is designed to develop the coaching skills of those working in indoor climbing walls, sport climbing and bouldering. The scheme should also be of great interest and value for volunteer and professional leaders, Instructors and Guides who want to apply their greater coaching knowledge wherever they work.

The current Mountain Training Award scheme has two different strands:

  • Foundation Coach Award – Ideal for individuals concerned with the stimulating delivery of a single session to a group of individuals.
  • Development Coach Award – Ideal for independent autonomous coaches who will prepare for, and deliver a structured progression in ‘Climber Centred Coaching’ over a series of coaching sessions.

At current we offer Training and Assessment in both the Foundation Coach and Development Coach Awards. Each level brings together three important strands of a coach’s personal and supervisory experience of climbing: a technical understanding of What to Coach; the Safe Supervision of activity and a greater knowledge of How to Coach more effectively.

To find out more about which Award is the most suitable for you, please use the menu to navigate to further information.

  1. Foundation Coach Training
  2. Foundation Coach Assessment
  3. Development Coach Training 
  4. Development Coach Assessment 

You can also find out more from Mountain Training and register for your course via the Mountain Training website here


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