I recently had my own little realisation. Now sadly not Chris Sharma’s famous route at Ceuse but more the growing awareness that at 26 I am by no means “over the hill” but the increasing commitments to work and family mean that if I really want to push myself, train hard and commit as many of my none working hours to the sport as I can then NOW definitely is the time to do it.

Both me and Michelle, my partner, are working to a bit of a 5 year plan. Train hard and visit as many new and exciting destinations as we possibly can do. At the time of putting pen to paper for our list, or even the modern notion of “finger to i-phone”, we quickly agreed on the following locations:

1.) Ticino Switzerland
2.) Rocklands
3.) Hueco Tanks/Bishop
4.) Font
5.) Albarracin

We ticked off Font last autumn and having been there quite a bit in the last few years we had a good trip. However, I was thinking while I was there that I need to stretch myself a little bit, get to new places and test myself on other types of rock and in different styles.

This section of my site is dedicated to bringing you information about exciting and vibrant climbing destinations from around the globe.


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