2013 GB Junior Bouldering Team Announced

Coming into 2013 we are pleased to announce this years squad for the new GB Junior Bouldering Team.

The BMC’s Youth Open Competition weekend was used as the assessment trial to select the Team and this year they were held in Liverpool with The Climbing Hangar hosting the Bouldering.

The turnout was fantastic with nearly 170 competitors in the first ever bouldering Youth Open.

The selection process was a difficult job and was made by the Junior Teams Management and coaches as well as a representative of The Mountaineering Council of Scotland. The remit of the selection panel was to pick climbers who have a ‘realistic chance of making the top twenty in European Competitions’. After a difficult meeting the following 16 athletes were selected to become the first ever juniors to form an international bouldering team for Great Britain.

2013 GB Junior Bouldering Squad and Categories

Youth A Female (16/17 years)

Molly Thompson–Smith

Rachel Carr

Tara Hayes

Gracie Martin

Youth B Female (14/15 years)

Ellissa Bryant

Sidonie Graham

Alexia Basch

Junior Male (18/19 years)

Nathan Phillips

Youth A Male (16/17 years)

Hamish Potokar

Alex Waterhouse

Youth B Male (14/15years)

William Bosi

Ed Mabon

Angus Davidson

James Mabon

Peter Dawson

Luke Murphy

We are very much looking forward to this year and are excited to be working with a group with a great amount of potential.

For a full competitions calendar for this years upcoming European Youth Cups, please follow this link


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